Monday, January 11, 2016

Uninstall AVG AntiVirus for Mac Free Guide

By default, Mac's "Move to Trash" was designed to help its users to manage the installed apps on the device with easy. Yet, inexperienced users won't be able to uninstall the AVG AntiVirus for Mac for some security reasons. Example is, users just can't do so due to the following error message: "The item 'AVG AntiVirus' can't be moved (* uninstalled / removed) to the Trash because it's open (* active or, running)."

If you, too, want to learn more, here's how to trash AVG AntiVirus for Mac successfully:

Detailed Steps & Hints on AVG AntiVirus for Mac Removal

Now, you can also follow the given steps to get rid of AVG AntiVirus for Mac:
  • Log on as the Admin user on your OS X.
  • Check out your own Dock
  • Double click on the following green shield icon (* AVG AntiVirus for Mac)

  • Hit the "AVG AntiVirus" menu on the top left corner of its main platform.

  • Scroll down to the "Uninstall AVG AntiVirus..." entry, and then run it.

  • Now, press the grey "Continue" button on the following "AVG Antivirus Uninstaller" wizard.

  • You'd be asked to input the system password during the uninstallation progress.

  • Sit back, and watch till the AVG AntiVirus Uninstaller gets its job done automatically, if you like to or want to do so.

  • Hit the "Finish" button to exit the said "Uninstaller".

  • Save your job, restart your own machine, and search & clean AVG-related leftovers.

The Wrong Side of Right

You will UNABLE to archive the goal this way...
  • Hit Go menu.
  • Enter Applications as usual.
  • Right click on the following AVG AntiVirus icon, then launch "Move to Trash" option.

  • You will see the aforementioned error alert at the begging of this post.
One more thing... you can't force AVG AntiVirus for Mac to close either by simply using Activity Monitor, because of AVG's self-protection or "self-production" module. In fact, this new version of AVG AntiVirus for Mac has the ability to re-produce its process automatically.
So... soon, almost all unwanted remains would be in one device: your Mac or, OS X! Those half-gone or half-uninstalled apps will definitely leave something on your computer, such as your app profile, service and alike. Then, an advanced app remover is emerging to not only keep costs even extra risks under control, but to improve your whole Mac experience. Try it NOW!

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